Thursday, February 12, 2015

A day worth waiting for! McCracken County HS 2015

Today we started our mission very early by leaving the hotel at 3:30am to catch our flight at the Nashville International Airport. With luggage packed, passports in hand, and hearts pumping, we flew through baggage check in no time. Even Mr. Rathgeber got through successfully!
Sitting on the plane, we were anxiously waiting for our departure when “MECHANICAL ISSUES” MADE US SIT THERE FOR HOURS. 2 HOURS. But, after a couple of hours, the “mechanical issues” were mysteriously solved and the trip was back on. We arrived in Atlanta with legitimately 3 minutes to spare, we RAN to the gate for San Salvador. Cameron almost died in flight from extreme terror, but luckily he survived. Landing on time, we soared through customs and picked up the luggage.

Tonight we prepared meals for the homeless. At record breaking speed, the bags were filled with sandwiches, chips, cookies, napkins, and apples. Bread was flying, mustard was slinging, meat was juicing, but the bags were a success!

Half of the team went to feed the homeless tonight while the other half will go tomorrow.
Despite the minor hiccups, overall, today was a phenomenal first day. 

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