Thursday, June 19, 2014

One Nail At A Time

Sorry for delay in this post from Tuesday June 17th.  It is rainy season in El Salvador and we had many storms that knocked out power so we were unable to post last night.

My sister and I are on out third week here in El Salvador and time has flown by unbelievably fast.  The longer I'm here the deeper I fall in love with the country, the people, and the work Jesus is doing here.  Everything we get the opportunity to do here is so special in its own way, but house building is a crazy thing to be a part of.  Paraphrasing Kurt, we may not be saving the world, but this family's life is radically changed.  Instead of being sheltered by a celling with holes and walls made of fabric, they will have a house.  A real, wooden, sturdy, safe house; that's radical.  And although I admittedly am not a vital member of the house building crew, I am a vital member of the loving on the village crew.
As soon as we arrived in the community this morning, kids came running to greet us, recognizing the missionaries who work in the community often.  And not just the kids who we are building for, all up and down the street they pop in and out to sneak a peak at the commotion.  I spent my day playing, joking, and tickling.  In more or less words, today was perfect.
Things I will never grow tired of:
-Big brown eyes and sweet smiles
-"Clara, Clara, Clara!" followed by a hug big enough to fill my heart.
-Hearing kids tell me they already know Jesus loves them.
-Little girls that sit in my lap and give me kisses on the cheek and tell me they love me.
-Playing soccer...well that's not entirely accurate, that wears me out.
-Mama's that willingly let me cuddle with their babies.
-Giving out candy to kids who turn around and share it with me,
-Tickles that lead to big belly laughs.
I hate poverty. I hate that kids are hungry.  I hate that abuse exists, that people live in fear, that my friends suffer.  But I love El Salvador.  I love speaking my far from perfect Spanish.  I love snotty nosed little kids and orphans and widows and prostitutes and ex gang members.  I love the Ackermanns and their hearts that take in so much pain and turn it to love.  I love our Jesus that has blessed me beyond measure and takes care of his children.  I love that no matter what this life brings, we are promised a perfect eternity. And I love that this is the hope I get to share.

We changed things up today, and put our hands to work. Everyone loaded the buses bright and early after having some yummy, and much needed, french toast Mrs. Judy made us for breakfast as we had a long day ahead of us. Today's task was to build a house for a very sweet family. Our first stop after leaving the mission house was to the office to load up the pieces of the house and all of the supplies. Then we headed to the village to get to work. As soon as we got there everyone pulled together as a team, and began tearing down the old house and putting up the new one. While we worked the family watched anxiously, and those of us not working on the house got to play with the loving children who lived in the neighboring houses. All of the people who lived there were so welcoming and gracious. They truly brought joy to everyone working, and made being there so enjoyable. We wanted so badly to get the house done for the family that we even stayed at the work site to eat lunch. By the end of the day the house had been completed and the rain even held off for us. It was so amazing to see things come together and how nice the new house turned out. The family no longer has to live on dirt floors, will now have beds to sleep on, and walls without holes. Seeing how the village people are living and are still so happy really opened all of our eyes. It was a quiet ride back to the mission house since everyone was exhausted after a long days work. When we got back there was a hot and delicious, as always, dinner waiting for us. Everyone will be sleeping well to the sound of the rain tonight with full stomachs and worn out bodies. Tomorrow we get to go back to the house to put the final touches on and visit with all the families in the village. We are all so excited to get to go back!

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