Friday, February 14, 2014

Love was plentiful today!


McCracken County High School teachers and students left for El Salvador, today, with Starfish Orphan Miinistry. Once arriving they visited Cipi, a child intake center in San Salvador. 

Here is a note from Hillary McCutchen, Courtney Powell, Martin Livingston, Kaci Oetjen, and Hannah Lambert: 

After all the frigid temperature of Paducah, Kentucky we were all excited to reach El Salvador!  Talk about going from one extreme to the next.  We were all hot and tired, but that didn't slow any of us down.  After dropping our luggage off at the mission house, we went to Cipi.  Cipi is an orphanage that shelters disabled children, teen moms and their babies, and other children that are found on the streets. 

Once there, we held a party in celebration of Valentine's Day. We danced, played, sang with them and gave out treat bags. To conclude our day we handed out hearts saying Jesus loves you to them in Spanish, and gave them a piece of cake and memories to keep forever.

We enjoyed our day just as much as they did, and will continue to enjoy it until the second we leave. 

The team prepared over 150 meals tonight, and half of them went out feeding the homeless. This is one of the most impact full and humbling things that we do! No matter how many meals you have, it's never enough, because there is no end to the hungry and homeless in this 3rd world country!

Tomorrow the team will put on a festival for about 450 impoverished children in a rural community!  After lunch they will assemble bags of rice, beans, and other staples,  then they will take these into homes of people who are in dire need. Please keep the team in your thoughts and prayers!

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