Sunday, February 16, 2014

Home in a Day!

The team worked so hard today, in the hot sun! They built a precious family a house, a home off of  the ground!  Earlier they were preparing food to feed the homeless tonight! Maybe some of them that have already fed the homeless will be able to write about their experience for you! 

Please continue to keep the team in your prayers, tomorrow they visit an adult special needs center, a center for children with HIV and a boys orphanage where their school has made HUGE improvements over the past few years!

Enjoy the pictures, and here's a word from the Starfish Orphan Ministry/ McCracken County High School team leader:

Where do you begin?  We started early this morning on our way to build a home. The group did a GREAT job. Done in a day! We are SO tried but so thankful that we can help the less fortunate.  I told the kids tonight to go home Tuesday and think about how blessed they REALLY are. They have a mom and dad that loves them and cares for them. They have teachers that love them like their own.  They are truly blessed!

"Thank you" to all that helped raise money and let their children come and bless so many.  I hope they come home to you parents changed and more thankful than ever before!  These are such GREAT kids ( the students), I say again and we have one more day to go. 

John Roberts 
Starfish Orphan Ministry

(Also know as "Johnny Macho" in San Martin, El Salvador, but the team will learn more about that tomorrow!)

Our incredible team!!!!

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