Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where It All Begins!

     Sitting on the plane to Houston is where it really all begins... Well let's be honest, this mission trip has been in the making for a long time.  God has been working on this for a while and we praise Him for it but sitting on the plane the dreams that God had placed within us became a reality. We had gotten through the hustle and bustle of the airport, safely made it to our terminal when the excitement of the trip truly began to settle over all of us. With our matching shirts it was obvious we were a group and with this people tend to notice. It was beautiful sharing with those around us about the hopeful week ahead that God has in store for us. God places people in your life for a reason, there is no doubt in that and as we were traveling through the airports this fact was brought to our attention more than one time.

     When we reached Houston we were blessed with the pleasure of meeting a few people that had an amazing story to tell. Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez, two wonderful people over flowing with God’s love and stranded in an airport. They have their own ministry within El Salvador also called “Casa De Fe,” translated it means House of Faith. Morgan spoke the most with them and this is what she has to share, “Teresa turned around and asked who we were with. She saw the Starfish Orphan Ministry logo and knew we were children of God. She was from El Salvador herself and was so grateful that we were helping her people. Her and her husband had been waiting for a flight for three days. There had been problems with their original flight leaving them stranded.” God works in mysterious ways and what seemed like a bad situation for the Rodriduez’s got better upon meeting Morgan. “She told me that she knew why God had wanted them to be left in the airport for three days, so that she might meet me.” Teresa prayed for Morgan and they both ended up in tears. God is amazing, He truly is. Morgan stated, “She is a beautiful woman and her voice calmed my soul, I’m so blessed to have met her. Thank you Lord for that encouragement.”

     God provides and He blesses. Today He blessed us with wonderful people and safe travel. Upon arriving at the airport it San Salvador a mixture of emotions were flowing, but we had made it and God was leading the way for what was going to be a beautiful week. It is truly amazing what can happen when we take a step back and truly allow Him to take over. So we pray and ask that you do also, that we allow God to completely take over this trip, that nothing will stand in the way of Gods work.  This was just a day of travel but God was in it, as He should be, everywhere we looked. It is beautiful how much of God you see when you open your eyes to it. Words cannot describe how beautiful a simple day of travel was, Praise be to God. , Kayla

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