Friday, July 6, 2012

Do not be afraid!

  "Do not be afraid; keeping on speaking, do not be silent"-Acts 18:9

   It is truly beautiful the way that God works.  We started our day out in the souvenir market.  The first place that we came to was engraved bracelets. One of our translators, Jenny, helped with this portion of the shopping process. She would tell him what we wanted on the bracelets and help in the exchanging of money. We shopped around, bought some little things, and went on our way. Spending a lot of her morning at the same booth Jenny got to talk to the man. We ended up praying with the man and asking for blessing on his business. God was with us and was working.
      Next we went to transition house. This was so great to be a part of.  The idea of it makes my heart smile. I’m so thankful that God is providing a way out for these kids. Instead of going back to the streets, to gangs and prostitution, when they age out of the orphanages these kids will have an actual home. It will be a place that they can call home for two years. This is something that most of the children have not had. This is such an amazing thing to see and to be a part of. While we were there we were hanging up curtains, putting shelves together and cleaning but we felt like we were doing something huge. The house is being kept in traditional El Salvadorian style. There will not be a washer or dryer and running water will only be available twice a day.  God bless the kids that will live there.

     After the transition home we went to visit those with special needs,  their need  might be physical or mental. We danced, faced painted,  and  laughed. We were filled with the spirit in a way that cannot be describe while there.  While there were many adults that we worked with were often referred to as children.  They were beautiful people of God. Joy over took us as we sang to the top of our lungs and danced. The smiles that were on their faces were full of more joy than any persons I’ve ever seen.  We didn’t have any great talents or gifts to share with them but the fact that we were there, having a blast spending time with them, was enough.
      Dios te bendiga- God bless you, simple words that carry so much weight. We say these words to the homeless as we hand bags of food to them.  We pass so many homeless and still don’t have enough food. Tonight a prayer was answered. We only had three food bags left and a silent prayer was prayed that we wouldn’t have to turn anyone down. As we were driving we came upon three people. Tonight we didn’t have to see their faces fill with a horrible mix of emotions as we told them there was no more food. Tonight God provide just the right amount. 
    This is also to be shared about the day before, at the beach. God works in wonderful ways. He can make a connection when one can’t be found and he can put to people together so that His will is completed fully.  Jean experienced how God puts people together. “ Yesterday,  I met a young lady who was 15 years old  and in a wheel chair. She was born with defects that limited her. One of the Tia’s (care takers) put her in the pool and I was allowed to take her in my arms and float her around. It was such a blessing that they trusted a total stranger to do this. The young lady had a beautiful smile. The Tia that let me hold her in the water talked with me and we discovered we had things in common. She worked with children, I work with elderly. She had two daughters, I have two sons. She had three sisters and one brother. I have three living brothers and one sister. We really connected as sisters in Christ

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