Monday, October 8, 2018


Today started at church with the community. None of us were particularly excited about standing up in front of the group to talk but we had the chance to introduce ourselves. After worship we took the children and had class. The kids listened attentively then came the fun of crafts and games. 

This evening we had bible study with the boys and girls transition home along with people in the World Race. Before it began, everyone took their phones from their pockets and purses, and put them in a basket on the coffee table. It was great that everyone was physically present and giving their attention. We all shared what we are doing for God now, and what we hope we will be doing in 5 years. Even with a language barrier our worship time was powerful! 

After bible class we sat together and ate pupusas. We came together to prepare for our next mission after dinner. We started an assembly line to make bags filled with sandwiches, chips, apples, cookies and juice. We all piled into the back of a truck to drive around and pass these out to the homeless. The people would come running to the truck and one little boy tried to trick us by hiding his under his shirt so he could get another. It’s so hard to people desperate for their next meal, and we were so blessed to be able to share with them.

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