Monday, October 3, 2016

A mighty God He is...

Jeremiah 32:26

"Behold, I am The Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for me?"

It is said the eyes of a person go directly to the soul.  As the team visited two different

facilities for special needs adults and special needs children we saw much of the same 

looks in their eyes......loving gratitude. It was more than a "gracias" it was a blessing! 

The first stop was to a facility for special needs adults. Some maybe in their late 40's 

and as young as 19. They all enjoyed the music and many enjoyed dancing and 

singing along. Others took whacks at Angry Bird and Dora piñatas. Is was very 

moving to see the appreciation for just a few pieces of candy and trinkets.

From last night, feeding many in dire and desperate situations living with a 

dependency on God to provide the most basic needs of food and shelter to children 

that are totally dependent on someone to meet every need from hygiene to feeding to 

touch. For these people, we did not have to speak Spanish to tell them we cared for 

them, all it took was a touch. A touch to the hand, arm or face; a touch would almost 

always bring a smile. But for even the vocal ones, we could not understand their 

language, but their eyes spoke more loud and clear than their voice ever could. What 

was said was their deep gratitude for someone caring. They were not impressed with 

our nationality, status, or position, all they knew was we were someone who loved 

them for "this" day. We hope they know The Lord will always love them for they are 

precious to Him!

Sam 26:24 

24 Behold, as your life was precious this day in my sight, so may my life be precious in the sight of the Lord, and may he deliver me out of all tribulation.”


It was good to see the impact of volunteers to these communities and the improvements and provisions to these facilities! There is a long way to go!  I hope many more will help by giving and going!

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