Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Anything is possible if a person believes. -Mark 9:23

I know I am a day late, but yesterday was a very exciting and interesting day. Yesterday morning our team ventured back out to the building site to paint and furnish the house we had built the day before. The mother and her children were there to greet us with smiling faces. She could not express how thankful she was for us building her this house because it was a key component in getting back her middle son from the foster care system. The son that is in foster care was able to come to the site yesterday and spend quality time with his mother and 2 brothers. To see the mother interact with all her children was most certainly a blessing from God. We got to dedicate the house and lay our hands on the family as well as pray for safety, health, and blessing upon them for years to come.  

After leaving the building site, we went down the road to feed the community. The night before, our team made bags that held rice, beans, flour, sugar, and a bible. While we went on this expedition we experienced a minor set back, or so we thought. In El Salvador, it is rainy season, which means that is rains almost every day for at least a short amount of time. Well, when rain hits dirt, it turns into mud. Our bus and mud didn't mix very well. We got stuck in the mud for about an hour. Within that hour so many different people from that community came to help push our bus out of the mud. These people didn't know us, they didn't have to do that, but they wanted to. I know our entire team felt the presence of God in that hour. God knew that he wanted us to reach certain people that day, and we may have had to get stuck in the mud to do it, but we are glad we did. 

Isn't it crazy how God guides our steps each and every day? He knows what we need, and he knows what to provide us with. We can plan and plan but ultimately God is in control.  

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