Monday, June 4, 2012

Central Church of Christ takes Starfish Orphan Ministry trip to El Salvador! Sunday: Safe and Sound

Well, we arrived. We made it here safe and sound. God blessed us with a great and pretty smooth day of travel. We got to Nashville during a slow spot in what we heard was a very crowed day at the airport. Had the best service I have ever gotten at the united counter from a great worker named Jeff. Got through security and headed to Houston. We had a 5 hour layover in Houston so we ate and visited and called home. Finally we got on the plane. We had a 45 minute delay once aboard to fix the broken A/C. They fixed it and we crossed the gulf of Mexico to EL Salvador. Once we touched down everyone who wanted to got to call home on the Prepaid El Salvadorian Cell phone Starfish gave us. Then we headed through customs without any incident and loaded onto a 28 passenger van for a 40 minute ride to the mission house. By this time it was after 10pm and we were tired so we quickly ate a snack got some info on the house rules and tomorrows activities from Kurt then unpacked some bags and settled in for sleep. In fact, that is what I am gonna do right now... Go to sleep. Goodnight. Tomorrow the real fun begins...

Part of the team, excited to get to their destination to serve God through serving children in need!
Check each morning for an update on the previous day's activities, and prayer requests for the day to come!

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