Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday Night

The following is a note I received from Shannon Wilson. Here is her reflection upon arriving in El Salvador on Saturday Night:
"We have all arrived safely in El Salvador! The flights were good with little turbulence. After we prepared for our day tomorrow, and are settling in to bed, I think the most interesting part of my day was the flight from Dallas to San Salvador. I was blessed to be sitting by a beautiful Salvadorian woman who was coming home to visit her family. She, her husband and two children now live in Maryland, but she grew up in El Salvador. We had so many things in common even though we came from two different countries, two different ethnicities, and two different backgrounds. We both agreed that our God is an amazing God. He can take two total strangers, put them on a plane together, and watch how He works in them. Our God is the same in the United States as He is in El Salvador. I thank God for being the same God no matter where we go and what we do. I thank God for putting amazing people in my path every day, and I pray that I always take the time and energy to see them. I cant wait to see how God will work in us to do great things in this beautiful country! Thank you God for this day! Thank You for never changing, and thank You for my new Salvadorian friend, Oneyda. She truly touched my heart!" ~ Shannon

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