Thursday, April 8, 2010


Wednesday, our group visited an orphanage for children testing positive for HIV or AIDS. The home is ran by a church from Spain, and the conditions are much better than those forced to live in government ran homes.
The girl pictured here has been one of our favorites to visit with for years. Seeing homes such as this one, that are in much better conditions, proves that it only takes one at a time.
Just like the Starfish story, if no one had ever believed they could make a difference for these HIV/AIDS children, they would be stuck in government homes with the other children. But, because someone believed they could make a difference, these kids have a clean environment to live in and get their needed medications. This is why we can never be discouraged by numbers. Whether it's through Starfish Orphan Ministry or another organization, we are commanded to care for the "least of these."

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  1. I often wonder why, when there are so many needs in the world, that God has blessed me with so much: good health, a safe childhood, a wonderful family, more than enough to eat, hot and cold water that is safe to drink at the turn of any of several faucets in our home, so many freedoms few people in the rest of the world could ever dream of, and most of all, an invitation to be called a child of God. I realize it is all by His grace and for His glory, so that I can reach out to others in my realm of influence. Thank all of you team members for your sacrifices in reaching out to these children who otherwise would have little hope.