Monday, March 12, 2018

Dream Home Sunday 

Today was the craziest, hardest and hottest day so far on this amazing experience yet. It was by far the best. We were blessed enough to build a house for a family in need and donate to the surrounding community.I bonded with the son of the family receiving the house so much; his smile, the way he looked at his new home was itself enough to make this entire trip worth it. In honor of my late boyfriend, and so beloved fellow student of our team, Cullen Gream, I was able to paint "CG8" on the front of the house, along with "MarshallStrong" and the symbol of the ministry Sus Hijos, who we are working with here. This was my favorite part of the trip because it stands so much for why I had such a passion for this trip.  It has changed my life similar to how he did. I know he would have been here with us today working harder than anyone, yet still smiling so hard and loving every second of what he was doing. I was also blessed to have the opportunity to hand over the keys to the family. No words can describe the feeling of being able to hand over something so great and something you and your team worked so hard on. After the ceremony, our team came together to chant our famous "Tilghman Party" chant. This was also a highlight of the trip for me because I know how hard we all worked together today and how happy we were to be able to bless this family and this moment truly showed this.

Ashley Rich

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