Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sharing God's Love...

Tonight's blog is from Alina & Becca:

      Today our first orphanage was an hour and a half away, so breakfast and the normal meeting went by fast. On our way to Marilac, an orphanage for teenage girls, we got the chance to see more of El Salvador's culture. We drove past volcanos, villages, and the rural areas of the country. 
      Once we arrived at Marilac, we learned that maximum capacity is 48 and that they currently have 7 girls. Since there was no rain, we spent the whole time outside around the basketball court. We kicked things off with a hot game of basketball, then painted finger nails, played uno, and did face paint. After a while of fun and games, we shared the gospel by telling the story of Zacchaeous and salvation necklaces. One of the girls prayed to receive Christ , YAY!
    It was a blessing to have a small group, that we could truly pour into each girl individually. God continues to show his love, for example today we had just enough dresses to give to all the girls. They also received flip flops, toiletry bags, and goodie bags. Then lunch time came. The plan was for the translators and the team to have sub sandwiches while the girls went to the cafeteria to eat lunch. Plans changed, and each girl received a whole sandwich, several bags of chips, and some soda while the team and translators each ate a half sandwich. This still left us with extras to give to the Tia's and several other workers. Through all the events that occured at this orphanage, we were able to truly see God working and providing for His children. 
      After lunch we left to go to Moraga, a Catholic home for girls. There were around 17 girls there. We painted nails and face painted. We also did the same Bible story and discussed what a relationship with Jesus looked like. We gave out shoes, tolietry bags, and goody bags to every girl! The girls enjoyed painting fingernails, espiscially painting the men's nails. This really encouraged the girls to see guys being open and caring. We had the privilege of the girls praying and singing for us. We were also honored to get to pray over them. 
      We finished the day with feeding the homeless. We gave out around 144 bags of food and new 
T-shirts and also some shoes. It was raining, yet this was not an obstacle to feeding God's children! Thank you to all who supported and allowed us to do so. Thanks for the continued prayers! Our Lord is a faithful father who continues to provide all we need! 


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