Monday, July 4, 2016

Fingernails and bowling...but not at the same time!

Tonight's blog post is by Nicole.

Day two started with our team a little more well-rested, which was such a blessing. After our morning meeting, Emily led our team in a couple of worship songs. It was a sweet time of fellowship and connection with the Lord before we began His work.

We started the day at one of the government-run orphanages.  We met some of the girls who were sewing and some of us were able to support them by purchasing little crocheted and quilted bags the girls had made. They are learning skills that can one day help them support themselves.  As we toured the facility, our hearts were broken at the sight of the meager bedrooms that some of the boys have.  And to think that it has been much worse!  

We dropped off donations at the office--supplies for the babies who live there. 

Part of the team headed down to see the teenage moms and their babies. Within minutes, a couple of us had babies in our arms, feeding and rocking them while their young mamas had their nails done.  It was their moment to feel special and more like a teenage girl.  Some of the team and a translator played Uno with the girls, which made for lots of laughs!  These girls are so very young, both in years and maturity, and now they have to be mothers, too.  

One of the newer pregnant moms talked with Joe about her situation and a relationship with Christ, and then asked him to pray for her. Please join us in praying for this sweet girl, that she will make good choices and know what she is supposed to do as her life is about to change!  Let's pray it changes for the better as she has the opportunity to hear more about Jesus.

The rest of the team visited with some other teenage girls, doing fingernails, playing soccer, and doing crafts.  They got to make a beaded cross salvation bracelet and hear the plan of salvation.  Eric mentioned that he was particularly touched by how happy the kids were as they played together, despite their living conditions and life stories. How humbling!  We look forward to going back to this facility later this week. 

One of the highlights of the day was lunch at the States Diner. What an awesome way to do ministry!  The kids that work at the diner have aged out of the orphanages, but still need to learn life skills to keep themselves off the streets. They get to learn how to work in the hospitality business, manage their money, and learn how to keep a home while living in a transition home.  Our team thoroughly enjoyed the amazing food and atmosphere. 

At my (Nicole's) table, we got to know our translator a little better, and hear his testimony of how working with Sus Hijos has changed his life. And we found out he has a job at the FedEx call center here--what a shock for us since about half of Memphis works there!  

After lunch we had an afternoon of bowling with the kids from the transition home. For all but one of them, it was their very first time bowling, and they absolutely loved it!  What a fun way for us to love on these young adults who have had such a hard life.  For an afternoon, they got to feel special and very loved!  Our team had quite a good time, too!

(You do need socks to bowl!)

Now we are enjoying a quiet evening of fellowship and laundry at the mission home!  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Thanks for following our journey!

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