Sunday, June 7, 2015

Love Equals Smiles!

Second day of El Salvador trip June 7, 2015 

This morning was the only morning of the 7 day trip that we got to sleep in, so we all took full advantage of the extra hours of precious sleep. After breakfast and a rehearsal of the song we would be singing/playing at church, we headed to Iglesia Monte Calvario. With Cameron on the guitar, Elise on the ukulele, and the rest of the team singing, we played 10,000 reasons. Although we sang a song in English to a Spanish-speaking audience, they still loved it!

Joe shared a word with the congregation and they seemed to listen very closely and appreciate his message.

After worship, we took the kids out to have Sunday school. Joe taught them about King David, focusing on his faithfulness to God, and Melody organized the craft of crowns and fans (which have proven to be very useful in the humid Salvadorian air). The younger kids made crowns, and the older ones made fans. The kids decorated the crowns with their names, jewels, and stickers, and pictured themself doing great things for God like King David had. 

After a quick lunch at Pollo Campero we headed to CIPI, an orphanage for young boys, girls, and teen moms. It was a blessing to give the teen moms a break and let them be exactly what they are - teenagers. We played soccer, painted fingernails, and just spent quality time playing with the kids. 

Two hours later we visited the girls transition home, where we got to meet several teenagers who live there. As they had been all day, our translators were more than helpful with conversations and we are so thankful they were always with us.

We headed to the house after a very long day and were thrilled to see that our lost suitcase full of the team's toiletries had been returned to the mission house! Like every  other night we had a nice dinner prepared by John and Judy, complete with freshly picked mangoes. 

Our second day spent in El Salvador showed us the impact of love through the smiles of both us and those we encountered.

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