Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Home in a Day!

Today is Tuesday June 9,2015. 

Our plans today were to build a house in a day during rainy season. Seems easy right?  Yes it was because Gods hand was in every part and worked out all the rough parts. 
First we loaded in the van and loaded all the building supplies. Next we are on our way. The trip was around an hour so there was time for meaningful conversations and music. One song that spoke to me was the song by sidewalk prophets "Live Like That".   Just a few lines that made my heart rejoice: Was I Jesus to the least of us, did I worship more than just a song. I want to live like that, give it all I have. So that everything I say and do points to You".  As I pondered on these words, I know that is  how we all should be living daily. We need him to light a fire in our souls!!!
As we arrived at the building site, it was such a nice spot surrounded by Gods beauty.   We got to first meet the family giving the land. What a Christ centered family. Scripture hanging in the house and outside was surrounded by beautiful flowers. The  man of the house held prayer meetings in their home and they were so welcoming. 
We unloaded the building supplies and went to work. Everyone had a hand in working on the house.  Piece by piece it was put up. This house was truly built out of love. Kurt even picked out a lovely color of paint to adorn the house. The house was finished in a day!!! God held off the rain and He gave us strength to work through the heat. 
All in all a very successful day working for our Heavenly Father. What a blessing it was to be a part of this process and watch the families face as they watched their home go up.  Tomorrow we will add furniture and the finishing touches as well as bless the home. Then they can move in. Thank you to those who also had a hand financially in getting this house built. You were also a part of this blessing!  Without you listening to God and giving the funds it wouldn't be possible. 
After a long day we got to come home to a warm cooked meal and visit with one another. This new family is pretty awesome!! We are brought together from different lands and tongues to do the work of God. Thank you God for your many blessings!

Written by Christy Torbett

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