Tuesday, June 9, 2015

God is so Good

El Salvador trip day three.

Started out with a great breakfast prepared by mission house mom and dad, John and Judy. There are volunteers that assist the teams and help feed us to keep us going. We started out at CIPPI this morning. This orphanage, to look at it when driving up would almost look as if deserted. You can almost feel despair and hopelessness.  But the teams that visit with help from interpreters from Su Si House bring Jesus with them. And in case you don't know there is peace, JOY and hope in Him. I was loving on babies of babies. 14-15 year old moms with babies of their own. Here is one learning about American football. They have a concrete cubicle no door a bed and a dressed and a mosquito net in most. These were just recently installed since Starfish has been trying to improve conditions. There are small stickers on the wall that they have been given that you would see on a paper teenagers have. But these are moms with no family or hope. 

We have them small treat bags and some clothes. I then was loving on a young man and he asked to see my phone.  I showed him pictures. He said I was special because I shared my pictures. The smiles I received lift my spirits. Here is a picture he saw and so here is one we made. 

We then went to lunch at The States Diner. This is a restaurant that is ran to train young people that graduate out of the orphanage to help give them skills to survive. 

We then went to another orphanage Guirola.  This is a facility that is just for special needs children. We stayed and loved on these kids. We gave the ones that were able some treats to enjoy. But the thing that brought the most smiles was the time we spent with them. Hugging holding and playing and talking. Here are a couple of pictures. 

If ever you can see the Joy of our Lord, Hugging on these special niƱos (children).

We then came home and fixed food in bags to take to the homeless on the streets. We will leave soon to do this seeing the thankfulness of these is so humbling. 

We have a team of 8 people that will personally touch the lives of over 1000 people. Not preaching or teaching the masses but just loving on them and telling them of Jesus. Everyone can't come here. But there is no way we could do this without the support of others in the States. If you want to share the love of Jesus, or help someone be the hands and feet of Him, pray about supporting this ministry. 

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