Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hope for a Future!


Today was amazing. We spent the whole day playing at Guirola with the special needs children. After a tour of the facility our small team of seven brought the kids out to dance! We busted moves and loved on the kids. Of course they loved on us just as much as we loved on them! Seeing their carefree spirits and bigs hearts kept us dancing even after we got tired. Those kids can move! In the afternoon we spent more time playing and doing little crafts. 


I loved tonight too. We got to go visit with the girls at the transition house! With the girls we cooked pasta and brownies for desert. There are seven girls in the house, all about 18 or 19 years old. I know quite a few of the girls from when I spent a month here last year. It was amazing to see them and how great they are doing. God is really working in that house and doing amazing things in the lives of the girls. I really loved getting to know the other girls as well. They are spirited, passionate daughters of God with both hopes and worries just like me. We spent some time sharing a little about ourselves and in return the girls opened up to us a about their struggles. Two of the girls mentioned how they struggle with forgiving their mothers. Both girls were abandoned as babies and left to live in the orphanages all their lives. One of the girls had know her mom a little growing up but never received any support from her. Now her mother is ill. She still feels so much hurt and pain from her mother but gives her money and prays for her health. Merany mentioned how this is like the way God treats us. We don't deserve his support or forgiveness but he gives it anyway. Hearing about my new friends love for her mother that really hurt her gave me encouragement to treat others as God would and love unconditionally. I will defiantly join her in prayer for her and her mother along with all of the other transition house girls! 


Lily DouthittNote from Starfish:   In the past, these girls would have been put out on the streets and would be forced into gangs, prostitution, or stealing to survive! Now because of Sus Hijos and the Transition program, they have hope for a bright future! 

These girls have a home now, they further their education, they get spiritual and emotional counseling. The boys and girls in this program learn a trade while learning to live in a home as part of the Sis Hijos family!

 If you want to help sponsor one of these young people, you can do so through Starfish Orphan Ministry and every penny of your support will go to give the teen building blocks for a future full of hope!

Call 270-519-7340 for more information!

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