Friday, February 17, 2017

Lives Changed!

Today we had the blessing and privilege of building a home for and El Salvadorian family. The family lives in the small village of Ahuachapan. The team started the day with a wonderful breakfast prepared by Mrs. Judy at the mission house and then loaded up the busses for the hour and a half journey. The drive was beautiful seeing the El Salvador country side. When we reached the village we were introduced to the family. They were so appreciative of what we were doing for them.  The mother cried and thanked us the entire day. We first laid the foundation of the house and next the floors. After that, we put up all four walls and threw a roof on top. After some lovely painting and furniture organizing by the lady's, we had completed the house. The entire village came to watch this process and we got to play and interact with all of them. They were incredibly kind and thankful for what we had done. 

Today was something I will never forget. Building a house for a family is life changing for both parties. To the family, we provided them with four walls and a roof. However, it is much more then that. It is a home. A place to eat, sleep, and live. A new home to contain a lifetime of memories to come. A place to gather with family and friends. A place to worship the Lord. To us we were showed how blessed we truly are. We take so much for granted. Waking up every morning with a roof over your head is a true blessing. We learned that when hard work and love mix, the results can be amazing. Today we changed someone life and today our lives where changed. 

-Ethan Schaaf

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