Friday, June 21, 2019

Thursday... Beautiful Reflections

Much can be said about a person's first experience to  El Salvador and all those first time impressions. But the second season here brings surprisingly new and beautifully deep reflections. Maybe it's the peaceful fluidity of this particular trip or the smaller team size that has caused me to feel more deeply than even the first time. Maybe I'm not concentrating on the routine and schedule and able to look without anxiety at the moment I'm experiencing. By the way, El Salvador does not have a pressed in stone schedule; things change moment by moment. Our team calls it "ish" such as we are meeting at 9:00 and "ish" comes into play and we leave at 7:00 to a totally different destination.  If you let it, “ish" can be fun and full of God potential. Today our "ish" led us back to see the fruit of our  last year’s work where we painted the walls of the training hair salon at Cambia Tu Vida .  Cambia Tu Vida is an orphanage which stands for “change your life.” What I saw this second time were young girls that believed they could change their destiny. We of course didn't do exactly what we expected but God's unraveling of our expectations led us to set and marvel at what it means to see him intervene in a young person's life which you can be a part. After the orphanage, we went to Femenino juvenile detention center for young girls . At this prison you can see even small children because the girls keep their children in prison with them until the children reach five years of age. I led the Bible study again  today and as I looked into those beautiful dark eyes of these young girls I recognized some of the faces from last year. When I spoke to them it was as if  we were familiar acquaintances and I suddenly remember the Holy Spirit’s prompting for how to pray for them. After my study I approached one of the girls and said "I remember you" and the most amazing response came from her, "I remember you too". My heart felt the joy of the connection; we remembered each other. That's what God did for me today. I returned to a place to participate in God's work-the second time around. - Ginger

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