Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tuesday's Visit to the Mayan Ruins

On Tuesday, the group had a special opportunity to take kids out of an orphanage for a few hours. In the morning they had a girls group and the afternoon was boys. They visited remote Mayan ruins. A rare educational field trip for kids who rarely leave their centers....

The following is an original poem by Erin, Karina, Jacob, and Connor, reflecting on Tuesday's events!

To the Mayan structures we arrived a little bit before
The girls from the orphanage arrived at the door. 
Once they came, a lot of fun was to be had
Exploring and Running down the hills made everyone, including the nuns, very glad

Mangoes and sticks was how we got our kicks
Catching caimitos with Jose was sick.
Soon after we handed out snacks and said our goodbyes
With the young girls we created many personal ties.

Next we visited the school of dudes, and none of them seemed shy
When we broke out the soccer balls and started some games on the fly.
Their skills put us all to shame
But we all had great fun, playing the game.

Erik and Brooke both spoke at the end
And many young boys invited Christ to come in.
All around it was a fantastic day,
Filled with many great memories that soon won't go away. 
***Caimitos caught with Jose***

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