Friday, March 20, 2015

Thursday, Home Dedication

First things first this morning! The finishing touches had to go on the house so we could get dedicated and turned back over to its rightful owners!
Luckily there were plenty of little helpers round!
Finally it was all decorated and ready for the family!
The team prayed over the home and dedicated it to Christ. Encouraging the family and their children.
"Therefore whosoever hearth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:" -Matthew 7:24

Today, we finished the house for Rodrigo and his wife Flor, their kids Marvin and Jacqueline, and their abuela Josefina. We made a strong foundation, built the house, painted the walls, and we were even able to provide the family with beds, mattresses, chairs, a table, and some house hold items to furnish the house. We were also able to provide food for the local families along with hygiene packs, clothes, shoes, and prayer.

The same way that the parable of the wise man speaks of building upon a strong foundation, we should build our foundation on Christ, the rock of our salvation. The Lord has blessed our team and kept us safe through our journey thus far. And we pray that He continues to lead, guide, and direct us through the remainder of our mission trip. - Laura Roberts
Later the group said goodbye to the family and went out to minister and serve in the rest of the community. The passed out ice cream to the village children. Other team members took rice & beans to local families, asking how they could pray with them.
Here is a note from Aaron: 
We had a full day today. 
My group went to play with toddlers in a daycare center first. All the tiny tots were so cute and completely couldn't understand why I kept asking them to repeat themselves. Eventually I understood them, and they welcomed us. They ran over to sit in our laps immediately and my little boy didn't even look up at me but just played back against me. He had total trust. 
We handed out candy and painted shirts at the school before we went and dedicated the house. The family was so touched and joyful to have their own house. They said that it was an example of God's grace to us, in giving us his son, something we can't deserve. We all were touched and even their blind grandmother, or abuela, as we called her, expressed such love for us. She sang a song of praise and welcome and thanksthat she made up, and I got to lead her back to her house, giving directions in my very broken Spanish. She and the family taught us all a lot about thankfulness. 
As Kurt said, we thanked God that we successfully built a house for this family.

While their time in the village has come to a close, the week is not yet over! Tomorrow they will be taking approximately 40 special needs adults out of their orphanage center an on a big field trip! That's right, they're taking San Martin to the Beach! So, be sure to check in Friday night for some joyful photos from an excited group of beach goers!!!

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