Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday - Village Life!

Well, today is our 3rd full day of our trip, which means it is already half over! The time goes so fast - there is so much we want to do! We began, and spent most of, our day on a mountaintop that I'm really not sure is on the map. We travelled about 45 minutes to reach our destination. There is so much I'd like to share and give you a visual of....the muddy pigs, the skinny cows, the makeshift houses and outdoor toilets...even dirty little barefoot kids running up the steep, rocky slopes without getting the least bit winded. However, the real picture is that of life, of humanity, of people having needs on that mountain just like anywhere else in the world. We carried sacks of beans, rice, and flour and Bibles to every household we could reach, sharing the Gospel in word and in deed. The women were standing, some barefoot, in the dust and heat, receiving our news and treats. The men were around here and there too. We saw a couple of schools and, as classes dismissed, more children appeared. Some followed us, while others climbed trees to watch us. After gathering everyone together, there were songs and games and dancing. Clothes, flip-flops, and toys were handed out, but we were the ones blessed! I can't remember ever feeling as worthless and useless in God's Kingdom as I realized today that I am. He doesn't need me. He is God. I need Him. And I need Him to use me. I WANT Him to use me. Not just on a mountaintop village in El Salvador, but at home, at work, every day. What a trip. Literally....

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