Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The happiest, sad place on Earth...

Today was the day that I have been looking the most forward to. The happiest sad place on earth. San Martin. I have never experienced such joy and despair all in one area. The grassy area which holds the "kids" that can walk, some can talk, but they ALL can dance. Then the houses which have the kids who are so physically and/or mentally handicapped that they cannot leave their houses. Some, even their rooms. Who sleep and rock and moan their days away. Such joy yet such despair.

Today we danced the hours away. We had the drum band come in and play for half an hour. Oh the fun and joy these people experienced for a few minutes. The famous David never stopped moving but every few minutes would fan himself and yell out his need for "AGUA"!! But yet he didn't need it bad enough to stop dancing. These people who can not take care of themselves completely but yet they take pride in helping the others who can't get around as well as they can. Pushing some in wheelchairs, feeding some who cant feed themselves. We should all learn from them. Yes, we all have our problems but we should never stop helping others. The smallest of things make them so so happy. A bandaid, a tattoo (temporary!), a balloon animal, a treat bag, or just someone to hold their hand and dance to Justin Beiber with them. Worth more than a million dollars to these sweet innocent people. I love some San Martin.

We also visited the AIDS orphanage. Very similar to San Martin in the way of such despair for some of these kids but they have such joy in life. Joy in someone giving them cookies and juice, or decorating a backpack with them, spinning them around in circles, or playing tag, or putting on tattoos, etc. These kids who have so much to be sad about are happy. One girl wrote a note that said "thank you for sharing your time with me so that I could forget what was wrong with me for a little while." (Paraphrased) They are so happy with just time and attention given to them. Don't we all crave love and attention? I learn so much from these children of God. It only takes Him to be happy. Sharing Him and loving Him and receiving His love and loving others. That is all we need to do in life to be happy. ~ Merany

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  1. Touching words Merany, thanks for sharing...