Thursday, June 19, 2014

God Moments

Wednesday in El Salvador brought with it some seriously amazing God moments. Before heading to the village where we had constructed the house yesterday, we had the opportunity to head to the souvenir market to purchase a variety of items the shopkeepers had for sale. After spending an hour or so at the market, we loaded back into the bus (some of us had more trouble with this then others) and and headed towards the village. As we pulled off the main road and into the village, the excitement inside the bus was palpable and the closer we drove to the location of the house – a bumpy drive as last nights rain eroded much of the dirt road – the more children gathered around the bus to welcome us. It felt like I was coming home. Because most of the house had been finished the previous day, we only had to put on the finishing touches including the gutters and moving in the furniture (due to arrive in the afternoon). While some of us worked on those finishing touches, others gathered the children and families at the soccer field to tell the story of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors. The children giggled as the boys acted out Joseph's plight from Egyptian slave to Pharaoh’s second in command, illustrating how God uses trying situations to bring good for his people and glory to Himself. Once the boys finished their drama, we broke into groups and loved on the children – helping with tattoos and painting faces and nails for the boys and girls. Before long, it was time to leave for lunch.

The team invited the family we had constructed the house for to join us for lunch and, once we had finished, we returned to the village just as the trucks were arriving with the furniture. In all, we helped move two sets of new bunk beds, a table, rocking chair, and new cutlery into the home. Outside of the house, a few team members worked together to sort the rice, beans and bibles into bags to be delivered to the families of the community. Dividing into six groups, the team moved through the village and up into the mountain passing out the packages, talking with the families, and praying for their needs which included family health and safety. God led us to families in need and guided each team member who felt led to pray for each family.

When we had run out of packages for the families of the village, we gathered again as a group to dedicate the house and pray again for the family. Scripture was read and prayers were said before the matriarch of the home opened the door to the newly build and furnished home. To be called to work as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ by ministering to his children is a truly humbling experience. We thank God today that he provided the means for each of us to work here in El Salvador so as to bring glory to Him. We prayed continuously throughout the day, and ask our family back home to pray, that our work here bring glory to God, not to us – that the people we are serving see Jesus working in their lives through us and that their faith in the Lord is strengthened. We are excited for the opportunities the Lord will provide for us to serve Him and bring glory to Him tomorrow!

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